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Inspiring vision at the BT Brand Forum

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Great inspiration & discussions at the #btbrandforum today with Ian Livingston, Sean Fitzpatrick, @suziwilliamsbt @BTSport @btgroupbrand.

Barclaycard online errors - pie charts are wrong

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Barclaycard have a great feature on when reviewing your statements in that you can review your spending and categorise it by type (e.g. shopping, travel, etc).

At the moment there is a bug in that payments received are shown as spend. This is on the table, pie chart and bar chart. So their maths is Spend = Spend + Payments received.

After a few emails and phone calls I finally spoke to someone who acknowledged the bug and said it should be fixed soon. Let's wait and see.

No BBC after switchover on my Humax

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I have a well used and reliable Humax PVR-8000T which has a Freeview turner and a PVR. When the UK digital TV switch over happened in April 2012 I found out that I could not get any BBC TV channels. ITV and all the other channels were fine.

I searched around the internet and found that many people where having the same problem, not just Humax, but many other older Freeview set-top boxes. I could not see my Humax on the supported list so I was thinking I needed to upgrade, even after trying a few tips.

Facebook rolls out facial recognition - what are your views?

Facebook rolled our facial recognition software last year to the US. It automatically scans photos and if it finds you, or someone like you in a friends photo. It will then suggest your name so that your friends can tag it.

I think the feature is clever, but what is not so clever and really surprised me is that they have implemented it with a default setting of enabled AND they have not bothered to inform its users that they have done this.

EasyBitsGo.exe wants to use Skype

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Strange messages on my PC today. Firstly I had a pop up message saying something about Skype games wants to upgrate. I clcked in not now as I don't play games and not used to seeing Skype ask these type of messages.

Which Skype video tablet?

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What would you recommend as a good low cost Skype device?

  • hand held
  • wi-fi
  • built in webcam, speaker, microphone
  • resonable screen
  • good battery life
  • optional kepboard (or via screen)
  • less than £100

A low cost Android tablet sounds about right. I am sure there are some out there.

Social Media Optimisation - the new SEO?

I've been designing, building and editing websites for a number of years. I was brought up on SEO - ensuring good meta tags and keywords; good headings; words in the copy that users are looking for, search friendly urls, etc, etc.

More recently I've paid less attention to some of this, but focused on ensuring page design is socially friendly. Many people spend more time seeking advice and recommendation from friends within Facebook or LinkedIn rather than relying on search engines bloated responses.

Skype access from Outlook Web Access

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Was working from a different PC today. When I signed into Outlook Web Access I noticed a little green tick next to the senders name. Clicking on it showed a menu to contact the person by Skype. Very useful.

I wonder if this is a new feature on Outlook Web Access, or a third-party plugin?


Drive through shopping - what a great idea

I hope Tesco's new online shopping trial is a success and it is rolled out to my local town. 

The idea is simple.  Order online, drive into the  car park, flash your card and your shopping is put in your car without having to leave your seat. At only £2 it is much cheaper that the delivery option.

Twitter & Facebook are not always the best brand tools

Whilst Twitter and Facebook can be great online tools for some brands, they are not appropriate in all circumstances. Other methods may be better to gain insight or build advocacy,

The article in Marketing Week reviews current trends and gives some good case study examples.

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