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Getting Things Done

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Spring clean your mind

In the UK we have had all the storms, rain and floods. Hopefully we will by-pass the snow? As I walk in the garden I hear the birds starting to sing, the flower buds starting to open and the warm sun pushing its way through the cloudless blue sky. Does this mean spring is almost here?

Retreat and Review

Holidays are a good time in the year to retreat away from normal busy work and home life. A time to relax the body and mind. You should use this opportunity to reflect and plan your near term dreams and goals.

How should I declutter important nostalgia?

OK. Decided to have a house declutter and keep on finding physical nostalgia (e.g. postcards, photos,brochures, etc) of places/people that I have been, seen and want to remember.

How should I file/keep these?
- scan them & put them on DVD
- put in old suitcase in garage
- throw them and use my memory
- mixture of any/all

And for photos - printed or digital. Should I keep the top 10 from each trip and bin the rest? Or keep them all?

What have you done, what works and why for you?

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