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Facebook rolls out facial recognition - what are your views?

Facebook rolled our facial recognition software last year to the US. It automatically scans photos and if it finds you, or someone like you in a friends photo. It will then suggest your name so that your friends can tag it.

I think the feature is clever, but what is not so clever and really surprised me is that they have implemented it with a default setting of enabled AND they have not bothered to inform its users that they have done this.

Which is your favourite Christmas advert?

Which TV advert do you like the most? John Lewis with the excellent Ellie Goulding singing 'Your Song' or M&S with 'You Should Be Dancing' .

Social Media Optimisation - the new SEO?

I've been designing, building and editing websites for a number of years. I was brought up on SEO - ensuring good meta tags and keywords; good headings; words in the copy that users are looking for, search friendly urls, etc, etc.

More recently I've paid less attention to some of this, but focused on ensuring page design is socially friendly. Many people spend more time seeking advice and recommendation from friends within Facebook or LinkedIn rather than relying on search engines bloated responses.

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