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F Alternative

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My local radio station was asking for alternative things to do over the next few weeks that begin with F.  Not everyone like F and I don't know F takes over the TV every four years.

Facebook, Fishing, Frisby throwing - what are your F alternatives?

What are your life values?

A good work colleague attended his friends funeral recently and his daughters read out a long list of values as part of his eulogy - "What my Father Taught me".  My colleague commented that they were a wonderful set of guiding principles and values – not only for bringing up children, but also for life.

I reviewed the long list and after some deep thought, I chose my top five.

About Me

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After many months, I finally got to write my About Me page. I think there are too many words and it does not really articulate what my life purpose or goals are. This version will do until next time.

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