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Prince Harry in Lesotho, a place I love

I read with interest of Prince Harry’s visit this week to see victims of poverty and HIV at Sentebale, a charity he founded to support Lesotho's orphans and vulnerable children. This ITN documentary tell's about his work.

With more than a third of Lesotho’s people HIV positive, this disease not only increases the infant mortality rate, but also leaves many children without parents.

Whilst in Lesotho earlier this year, I visited the ‘Beautiful Gate’ charity which provides similar services in caring for abandoned young children from as young as a few months till they either find a happy family to care for them, or they sadly pass away. You can see my Beautiful Gate photos or watch this promotional video.

My mind keeps flashing back to walking around the complex seeing both sad and happy children, to the promotional video we watched, and to Ray who recited the starfish story ending in a tearful ‘I made a difference for that one’

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