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Retreat and Review

Holidays are a good time in the year to retreat away from normal busy work and home life. A time to relax the body and mind. You should use this opportunity to reflect and plan your near term dreams and goals.In the David Allen "Gettings Things Done" (GTD) mythology I use this time for my higher level reviews. Reflect on what you have achieved in the past year and plan what you would like the next year or two to bring.

Life Purpose

This is your personal mission statement. A single sentence that defines your purpose in much the same way that organisations have a mission statement. You could also view this as your brand statement - what you want others to perceive you as.

Areas of Responsibility

Review what areas in life you are responsible for. You have your home. If you are a parent or a child then you have responsibilities or commitments to others.  For work, whether for yourself or others you also have responsibilities and objectives to achieve. To relax you have hobbies, sports or interests where you want to achieve or maintain a standard.

I break my areas or responsibilities down into these key areas.

Quality Life: My physical, financial and mental health. Are you making the most of your holiday days? Are you eating and exercising to look after your body the best you can? Are your personal finances in order? If not what could be done to improve it? What are you doing to improve your personal development? Do you read books that will improve your mind?  Are your hobbies watching TV or are you getting out and stretching your mind & body?

Happy Homes: My commitment to others and to running & maintaining my home. Do you see close family & friends as often as you would like to? Have you picked up the phone (not Facebook) to say hello to a distant friend?

My work at BT has in place annual review periods. For you, are you enjoying your job and being rewarded appropriately. Rewards come in many forms such as recognition, financial or progression. Do you discuss regurarly with your leader and your people on the goals and objectives, both for the organisation and for yourself as an individual. This is even more key if you run your own business,

Next Steps

Once you have had your higher level of review, you can then break it down into goals, projects and actions. How was it? Let me know how you got on or if you have any tips to share with others. Perhaps reread or print this article just before your next retreat and spend some relaxing time planning.

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