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Spring clean your mind

In the UK we have had all the storms, rain and floods. Hopefully we will by-pass the snow? As I walk in the garden I hear the birds starting to sing, the flower buds starting to open and the warm sun pushing its way through the cloudless blue sky. Does this mean spring is almost here?

Spring is not only good for the gardens as the wet, cold winter is pushed away, but also good for the body and mind.

As I reflect on my New Year resolutions - some in progress and some forgotten - this is a good time to start planning the new financial year.

  • Reset those drifting New Year resolutions
  • Focus on closing any end of year sales and raise customer invoices
  • Set your new (business) year goals and objectives
  • Finish off those projects and tasks you've been procrastinating
  • For GTD fans, do those high level reviews and plan your new projects
  • Plan and book the your holidays to relax and refresh
  • Spring clean your home and donate any unwanted clothes or items to charity
  • Enjoy a few fresh air walks to blow away those winter blues

What is your checklist for March? Let me know how you get on.

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