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Citrus medica

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Beautiful Alps

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As I travel to Amalfi for a short break I always enjoy the view from the window of the Alps, especially on a clear day with a strong sun.

Spring clean your mind

In the UK we have had all the storms, rain and floods. Hopefully we will by-pass the snow? As I walk in the garden I hear the birds starting to sing, the flower buds starting to open and the warm sun pushing its way through the cloudless blue sky. Does this mean spring is almost here?

iOS SSL security bug

Did you remember to update your iOS devices since they announced a SSL security bug and urged everyone to update as soon as possible.

Chinese New Year 2014

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Thousands of people turned out to watch the Chinese New Year Parade in London today. More spectators than normal watched the parade which started near Trafalgar Square, up Charing Cross Road, along Shaftesbury Avenue finishing near China Town. Great atmosphere to celebrate Year of the Horse.

A very packed Trafalgar Square watched the official opening at 12 noon with performances continuing during the afternoon. Many restaurants and shops in China Town helped with the celebrations with new year gifts and treats for sale.

Life is too short to waste

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"Life is too short to waste. Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless planning to take action."

Amalfi coast

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Had a relaxing week exploring the Amalfi coast - Amalfi, Positano and Capri. Lovely buildings and a good selection of people enjoying their local life or holiday. Also a chance to practise my Amalfi street photogaphy. Look my photos on Flickr and leave me a comment if you find a photo you like.

Inspiring vision at the BT Brand Forum

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Great inspiration & discussions at the #btbrandforum today with Ian Livingston, Sean Fitzpatrick, @suziwilliamsbt @BTSport @btgroupbrand.

Barclaycard online errors - pie charts are wrong

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Barclaycard have a great feature on when reviewing your statements in that you can review your spending and categorise it by type (e.g. shopping, travel, etc).

At the moment there is a bug in that payments received are shown as spend. This is on the table, pie chart and bar chart. So their maths is Spend = Spend + Payments received.

After a few emails and phone calls I finally spoke to someone who acknowledged the bug and said it should be fixed soon. Let's wait and see.

Retreat and Review

Holidays are a good time in the year to retreat away from normal busy work and home life. A time to relax the body and mind. You should use this opportunity to reflect and plan your near term dreams and goals.

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