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I love marketing technology and personal productivity. I enjoy travelling. I give others pleasure from my photography. I've been building websites since around 1998 and still enjoy . I like to live 'online'.

I'm a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant - helping individuals, start-ups and businesses grow online - Websites, blogs, social media, marketing & photography. 

With a professional background in digital marketing and product management, I blend my project management and business improvement skills to ensure I deliver what is required - in work, rest and play.

Read about what I am upto on my blog, follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIN. If you think you know me, try me on Facebook.

I don't blog much these days - but hunt me down on social media or give me a call.


After three years of work by Transport For London, a very old railway line reopens in London. Celebrations took place, including free travel on the day, balloons at the stations and a mass of travel fans admiring the new style carriages. Before it closed in 2007, I used the old East London Line frequently to visit family in south London. The trains were noisy and dirty, stations run down and...
In 1662 the writer Samuel Pepys was so impressed about a puppet show he saw that he decided to write about. And so the Punch and Judy show was brought to the UK.  This year it is Mr. Punch's 348th birthday so I took a stroll to Covent Garden to find out what was so facinating that has driven fanatics to celebrate this event for the last 35 years. In the gardens of St.Paul...
Exploring around Euston this evening I heard some music and cheering in Duke's Road, a lovely cobbaled street that I sometimes walk through. The road was closed to traffic and a camera crew taking over the street. About 200 children and adults were dancing to music whilst being directed as the boom camera swung over the dancers. Watch the video and see the noise. The location was just outside '...
For some years now I have been following and using social media in my day-to-day life, both professionally and for pleasure. This is a great video about how social media is effecting our lives by author Erik Qualman of the book Socialnomics. Even though I work in the industry I am amazed at the growth of social networks, in particular Facebook. Even people in my generation are starting to use...
Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now. Realize that nothing is too good. Allow absolutely nothing to hamper you or hold you up in any way.
Trafalgar Square is one of my favorite outdoor concert venue's in London. As part of Rhythm of London week, Saturday saw an excellent afternoon in basking sunshine to celebrate St.George's Day. I turned up mid-afternoon to see the end of performances by young Londoners. Most enjoyable was a number of artists performing old London songs in the style of old time Music Hall - singing, dancing,...
Ryhthm of London - St.George's Day 2010
Ryhthm of London on St.Georges's Day 7b
OK. Decided to have a house declutter and keep on finding physical nostalgia (e.g. postcards, photos,brochures, etc) of places/people that I have been, seen and want to remember. How should I file/keep these? - scan them & put them on DVD - put in old suitcase in garage - throw them and use my memory - mixture of any/all And for photos - printed or digital. Should I keep the top 10 from each...
A good work colleague attended his friends funeral recently and his daughters read out a long list of values as part of his eulogy - "What my Father Taught me".  My colleague commented that they were a wonderful set of guiding principles and values – not only for bringing up children, but also for life. I reviewed the long list and after some deep thought, I chose my top five. To take...
Way back in the history of networking (1970's), one of the first applications was for students to remotely probe the availability and later the coldness of Coke machines at the Standford.  Read about history at Now almost 25 years later, a programmer in San Jose has modified his 25 year old washing machine to send a Twitter message when his washing is done. You...
Arrived at Gatwick North with a choice of three passport controls - human, iris or eControl. I chose eControl as it looked quicker. What's your experience?

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